If you shave your pubic hair you must read this

More than half of women that are using razor blades to get rid of pubic hair face infections, according to a recent study. Tell me honestly: what do you prefer? Shaving or waxing? If you are a shaving fan, you are part of the majority of 87% of women who choose to get rid of intimate hair by this method.

Recent studies have shown that over 60% of women using the razor blade as a method of removing pubic hair are likely to have more frequent abrasions, cuts, hairs under the skin, and even folliculitis (an infection of the hair root). And this is just the beginning. The lack of sufficient attention during and after shaving results in unpleasant collateral effects.

The skin of the intimate area is more delicate than the skin on the legs or underarms and you may suffer micro-trauma which, due to moisture, can lead to the development of numerous bacteria, as well as contacting diseases such as herpes or HPV.

That’s why specialists recommend Aloe Vera wax for sensitive and dry skin, prone to allergies, because it calms and nourishes the skin. Even during epilation, it gives you a fresh mood. And if you can not afford the wax, you can use an electric epilator, that you can disinfect or sterilize it.

Don’t forget that before epilation, you should hydrate the area with cotton milk, because the epilation process will not be a painful one anymore and will not be followed by redness or pain.

After epilation, you can apply black tea using cotton pads soaked in it.  It has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents irritation.

Of course, shaving your pubic hair has its benefits. The main benefit is that it doesn’t hurt, it’s fast, cheap and can be done everywhere… at home, where you are on holiday etc. But you also should remember the disadvantages before using the razor blade again.

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